Monday, October 24, 2011

Wedding cake for my son Mark and his wife Rachael.  Three tier square Mad Hatter cake colour theme Red , Black and White: -
Bottom - Marbled mud cake; Middle Fruit; top - Mud cake. Covered with white fondant, bottom with ediable image, middle quilted with cashous top plain. Topper Initials hand made of icing and decorated with bling.  Drapped with orchids from top to bottom

Happy couple cutting their cake. Mark and Rachael Van Itallie

Ny Nephew's cake the week after my sons.  Colour theme Purple and green.Garden cake

Back view of cake - Two tier marbled mud cake surrounded with flowers.  Steps down front of Bride and groom.

Happy couple cutting their cake.  Nathan and Christelle Holley

 A couple of stuffed toys I made for my Grandson Hunter.  Made from my own coloured fabric.

This cot panel I quilted for Hunter as a throw rug for the floor

This is the Quilt I made for my Grandson Hunter.  It is hand appliqued and machine quilted.  All material except the black and white were hand coloured by myself, including the border.

I've been making Coptic bound books.  This is my Black, White and burgendy on I did.

Closer look at the cover of my Coptic bound book

 With my Genesis Liquid Radiance Paints we coloured some white cotton.

These are some of the angels that my friend made from the coloured cotton

Mosiac cross using off cuts of glass

Girl's Christening cake - White mud cake covered with pink fondant and decorated with flowers.

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